Job aids are one way to address this–if the performers are trained to rely on the job and, and the work culture emphatically supports their use, then it makes sense to store information and guidance in the job aid. Skills that are time-critical, like the actual flight maneuvers, are the ones that you spend time learning (storing in memory).

When developing HMA applications, the identification of a cost share source is a major consideration. A potentially eligible project deemed to meet programmatic requirements may not be viable if the cost share requirement cannot be met. The Applicant is responsible for administering HMA awards, including cost share strategies, contribution Fema Hazard Mitigation Specialist jobs - Job Search | Indeed 125 Fema Hazard Mitigation Specialist jobs available on Apply to Manager, Recovery Specialist, Personal Assistant and more! Nurse Delegation Program | DSHS The DSHS Nurse Delegation Program is for Registered Nurses interested in becoming a RND (Registered Nurse Delegator). This page has resources for current and future RNDs. Fema Hma Job Aids -

Standard HMA project criteria Eligible project type –HMA Guidance is not exhaustive Hazard Mitigation Plan compliance State, Tribe, and Community must all have FEMA-approved HM Plans Project must be “in” the Plan or “consistent” with the Plan Project must be “cost-effective” –more on that later

DESIGNING A JOB AID . Types of Job Aids. Job aids can be as small as a template on an answering machine or as large as a procedural manual. Allison Rossett and Jeannette Gautier-Downes, authors of . A Handbook of Job Aids, maintain that job aids serve to provide information, support procedures, as well as coach perspectives, decisions, and self-

FEMA HMA Guidance and Addendum BCA Toolkit (Tool & Guidance) FEMA ASCE 24 and ICC-500 Highlights Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Job Aids and Tools FEMA Map Service Center / Google Earth ATC Wind / USGC Seismic 15. Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author:

July 13, 2016 Sources: State Enrollment Data, CMS Enrollment Data, HMA Estimates. As noted above, Rhode Island’s first opt-in enrollments were effective on July 1, 2016, but no enrollment data is available at this time. Passive enrollment will be Job aids and video training to support providers in the proper storage and handling of vaccines