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Layer 2 versus Layer 3 services: A Dummies Guide | Vertel Layer 3 - the network layer Layer 3 is more like a taxi network, where you know your final destination and the nearest taxi rank. At each street junction a decision is made on the best route to take towards the final destination. This is how the Internet works: you are sure to get there, but cannot guarantee the route. MPLS VPNs - Layer 2 or Layer 3 | RiverStone Networks Oct 09, 2019 Difference between Layer 2 VPN and Layer 3 VPN? - Quora

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Layer 3 VPN Service is a service that connects multiple branches in a single logical routed architecture over IP/MPLS network of a Service Provider. . Different brances of a customer, pass through the IP/MPLS network of Service Provider and this Layer 3 VPN infrastructure seems to the customer as their branches are connected to a single company Router.