Oct 18, 2011 · Note: -p option works only on solaris 10 with Patch ID: 122539-06 or Solaris 10 KU patch 118833-36 or above installed To setup static routing on Solaris 10 systems, just create your own /etc/rc*.d/S*script containing the “route add” invocations desired or create a transient SMF service that adds routes at boot time as shown in the following

2011-11-4 Solaris 11 配置IP地址 - 运维渣渣辉 - 博客园 2018-12-19 · 查看ip ipadm show-addr 删除IP地址 ipadm delete-addr net0/v4 配置IP地址 ipadm create-addr –T static –a local=10.90.2.X/24 net0/v4 网关: 临时网关 route -p add default 永久生效网 … Set the Default Route on Solaris - How-To Geek route add default Example: route add default If you want the route to be persisted when you reboot the system, you will need to set the route in the /etc/defaultrouter file. /etc/defaultrouter. Example: echo > /etc/defaultrouter. Note that Solaris 10 includes “zones” that can also configure this same ROUTE命令_百度百科 2019-6-25 · Route命令可以在数据包没有有效传递的情况下,利用route命令查看路由表;如果traceroute命令揭示出一条异常或低效的传输路径,则可以用route命令来确认为何选择该路径,而且可以配置一个更有效的路由。


Yacht Solaris Routes 2020-7-20 · We follow original and exclusive routes with flexible duration, starting from 3 nights up to 14 nights cruising. Even our shorter routes visit some of the most impressive and out-of-the-way visitor sites!

2020-7-18 · root@solaris:~# route -p add default add net default: gateway add persistent net default: gateway Name Service Configuration Using SMF. The name service configuration is now stored and configured via SMF services instead of via configuration files in /etc. This change is part of a wider set of

solaris ssh乱码-云栖社区-阿里云 2017-11-9 · ssh远程solaris10,提示乱码 # ls --help ls: Ƿ ѡ -- help ÷ ls -1RaAdCxmnlhogrtuvVcpFbqisfHLeE@ [ ļ ] 我用的是putty,选择了utf-8字符集,同时安装solaris时选择了 … Daemons that are responsible for adding dynamic routes that are currently bundled/supported with Solaris are /usr/sbin/in.routed (Routing Information Protocol(RIP)) and /usr/sbin/in.rdisc (Router Network Discovery Protocol). Using command line. To add a non-persistent route we just simple use route add command without the option -p.