16 Ridiculous Laws That Only Exist In North Korea

Local laws and customs - Korea, DPR (North Korea) travel Local laws and customs A Japanese national visiting North Korea as part of an organised tour group was detained on 5 August 2018 on unspecified grounds before being released and deported on 28 The 22 Strangest Things That Have Been Banned Around The World Feb 03, 2019 50 Craziest Laws in the United States - Good Housekeeping Jun 18, 2020

Korea is a truly fascinating country, and I defy anyone to spend time here and not fall in love with it. However, there are some little quirks and oddities that even after 15 months I still struggle to get my head around. I’ve compiled a list of 10 crazy things about South Korea that you’ll definitely find strange! 1. The road rules

Sep 19, 2017

Don't smoke wherever you want. © opuspictures. You are allowed to smoke in Korea, but not …

The weird laws in North Korea don’t stop. In North Korea, only military and government officials are allowed to own cars. If you have had a chance to visit North Korea, it is apparent that traffic jams are very uncommon due to this very reason. 8.20.030 Hours of use. No person shall set off, explode or detonate any fireworks other than during the hours of eight a.m. and eleven p.m. during the dates listed in this chapter. Censorship in North Korea ranks among some of the most extreme in the world, with the government able to take strict control over communications. North Korea is ranked at the bottom of Reporters Without Borders' annual Press Freedom Index, occupying the last place in 2017.